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Going south to the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

By Graham Everett, Dec 8 2017 10:27AM

Ollie our good friend and wonderful mechanic who looks after our Land Rover, picks Rosie and I up at Windhoek Airport.

After a busy day shopping, organsing and packing the Landy, we head to Joe's Beerhouse, it's very busy as usual and the food never disappoints.

The next morning on the road, I get into trouble with Rosie for pulling over on a main road to move a snake off the tarmac.

We arrive at Anib Lodge, they have a new reception and huge shop. It seems they have been taken over by the Gondwana Collection, they have room for us to camp but only one night.

Each of the four campsite have their own shelter with shower and Toilet, @ N$ 175 pp.

The following morning, we see a vehicle has stopped to look at huge Monitor lizard on the road. Despite the fact it’s my birthday… I'm not allowed to stop!!

I'm still in the doghouse for stopping on the road yesterday!!

We arrive at Quivertree Forest Lodge - Camping costs N$210 pp.

Last time we were here, there was a family of meekats around the farm yard, unfortunately they've moved on.

Rosie cooked a lovely steak and we opened a bottle of bubbly. I also had a couple of Sipsmith G&T's, a birthday present from Caroline & Daragh.

It was a very wet and windy night, but it’s calm and sunny when we get up and drive to Mata Mata camp at the entrance to the park.

Dec 12 2017 04:13PM by Linda Howard

Belated Happy Birthday for the 8th Graham. We were in Cold but sunny Bruges that day enjoying a boat trip around the canals. Looking forward to reading more about your travels - Linda & Shaun

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